Protecting world memory

Store your valuable digital assets in the ultimate data repository. Deep inside arctic mountains with permafrost and ideal climatic conditions on the Svalbard archipelago: this is the safest place on the planet to locate a “digital embassy”.

The Arctic World Archive is a well-recognised initiative of Piql to preserve global memory. The combination of resilient long-term storage technology and the remote, safe, and cold ambient conditions enables data to live on into the distant future.

How it works

Data to piqlFilm

When you have transferred your files to us, we record them onto piqlFilm in recommended file formats and with related metadata.

Shipment to Svalbard

Your piqlFilm is then securely shipped to Svalbard and placed in the Arctic World Archive, where it can be “stored and ignored” for as long as necessary.

Data retrieval

Upon your request, the data will be made available online, or shipped to you on an agreed physical medium.