Capturing history forever with Alinari

Fratelli Alinari is one of the world's oldest photographic companies, founded in Florence, Italy in 1852. Its archives contain 5.5 million photographs, ranging from daguerreotypes to modern digital photos from around the world.

Alinari documents the history of Italy and the world capturing art, culture, industry, society and landscape. With over 200 years of irreplaceable images to protect, preservation for future generations is of paramount importance.


Some time ago, Alinari began a preservation project for its photographs, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, albion prints, gelatin silver prints, and colloidal glass
plate negatives, where digitization was the first step of the project.

Through this project, Alinari discovered its current preservation strategy was not optimal and, given certain conditions, the image stability could disappear in
just a few years. Alinari needed a resilient, enduring medium to preserve their images and began seeking a preservation solution offering ultimate protection and longevity.

Piql’s storage solution has been tested and proven resilient to 500+ years and can ensure valuable assets and data are safely kept for future generations. Piql-Film is considered an eternal data carrier, perfect for long-term preservation of history too valuable to lose.

Italian ruins. Image from 1860. Fratelli Alinari ©
Italian ruins. Image from 1860. Fratelli Alinari ©

"So we decided today that Piql is the best solution available in the market to provide at an industrial level the most secure mechanism to preserve and store valuable media for the long-term."


The eternal nature of film combined with guaranteed future accessibility made Piql an easy choice for Alinari. Our secure and resilient solution gave Alinari the confidence that the images will live on long after we’re gone, without the need for migration as platforms evolve.

For a pilot project, Alinari identified over five hundred   masterpieces from 19th century, chosen for their cultural, historical, economic and educational value. The images were transferred onto piqlFilm both as high resolution digital files and visual prints, before the reel was securely stored in the Arctic World Archive. The Artic World Archive is the perfect place to store world memory. It’s isolation, climate and status ensure data stored there will live on for generations to come.


Having secured over 500 masterpieces in the Artic World Archive, Alinari believe in Piql’s technology and consider it the best and most secure solution for the long-term storage of valuable data.