World beverage leader trusts Piql archival services

Ambev is a Brazilian brewing company created in 1999 with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. It is one of the largest companies in Brazil and in the Southern hemisphere.


As a large corporation, Ambev has an extensive paper archive holding important corporate documents.

Access and management challenges often accompany paper archives and Ambev was looking for a solution offering a trustworthy service, greater longevity, optimized management and greater accessibility.

A major project has been archiving the extensive paper archive of the Brazilian beer company Ambev. Stored in over 100,000 boxes, the documents are difficult to access and expensive to store. 

Managing such an extensive paper archive also presented challenges for digitally born content with contemporary records stored only electronically – resulting in separation of archived information.

Digitizing and transforming a paper archive can offer many benefits to any organization. Information is incredibly valuable, and digitization can offer great monetization opportunities (such as trend analysis), increased access and searchability, while ensuring the information is never lost.


Ambev chose Piql to deliver trusted archival services. Piql transformed Ambev’s paper archive directly to Piql’s Eternal Cloud using a controlled digital transformation workflow and providing the access benefits of cloud services with the longevity and security of piqlFilm. This combination means the data will survive for centuries, with the added benefit of instant online access.

For this project we have partnered with Bagergs (Banrisul Armazens Gerais) a company specialised in warehouse management. The documents go from various locations in Brazil to one warehouse, where the digitization process is carried out using high-speed scanners that process more than a million pages a day. It’s a huge logistical operation. Documents are then transferred directly to Piql’s Eternal Cloud for access and preservation.

Piql’s solution presents a cost saving for Ambev, creating value from previously hard to access information, while meeting the needs of a modern industry leader.