Powerful storage for Slovak Electricity operator

The operator of the Slovak transmission system provides the reliable supply of electricity to the region, ensuring high quality, safe and economical management of the transmission system.


As a critical service provider, the organisation must maintain and effectively operate many different devices as part of the transmission system. Many of these devices have a lifetime of up to 80 years. Relevant documentation must be kept accessible for the duration of its use to enable safety checks, maintenance and trouble shooting.

Similar to many archives and businesses in Slovakia, the organisation has an extensive paper archive. However, holding these documents in paper form presented challenges including issues with searchability, loss and damage, and lack of coordination. Further, the sheer space paper archives consume is significant, resulting in high real estate expenses for static files.

The organisation needed a digital storage solution that would last the required length of time. With most mediums only suitable for short-term storage, they were on the lookout for an innovative solution.


Piql offers long-term data storage for documents too important to lose, ensuring accessibility regardless of how much time has passed.

The operator discovered Piql’s unique storage technology with its incredible longevity and data integrity and decided to try our solution as a potential future storage system. By using innovative, purpose-built technology, Piql was able to optimise the metadata of the documents, improving coordination and organisation of the files prior to storing them for the long-term. The files were stored in hybrid form, combining both digital and analogue storage for maximum benefit.

As the files do not need to be accessed regularly, Piql’s cold offline storage was an effective choice, enabling savings in electricity, real estate as well as potential migration fees. By ensuring that the files cannot be changed, our service provides absolute data integrity, no matter how long the files are stored for.

Piql’s technology is designed for long-term storage, providing all the benefits of the short term in a form that will not become obsolete or be vulnerable to risks other storage media face.


The organisation is continuing to evaluate the project while Piql is confident about the future collaboration.