We Have Placed a Unique Time Capsule in Trnava’s Mirror Hall

On the occasion of the opening of the renovated Mirror Hall at the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava and in cooperation with the Trnava Self-governing Region, we contributed to creating of a time capsule which will be placed directly in the hall carrying a message for the future generations.

Time capsules originally served as chests to store relics of saints intended for the protection of buildings. Gradually, other documents were added to the containers, stored mainly when significant reconstructions of buildings were being implemented. Zuzana Hekel, director of the Ján Palárik Theatre, explains: “We realized that we were putting the premises back to their original appearance form more than a hundred years ago. It may take the same amount of time before someone decides to reconstruct the hall again. Therefore, we thought we would leave a testimony for the future generations bearing witness to the age when we were reopening the hall: The years of the pandemic and war, a time in which culture is so badly needed.”

The theatre building was built in 1831 next to the Black Eagle Inn. Today, it is the oldest theatre building in Slovakia still serving its original purpose. The time capsule in the Mirror Hall is unique as it can survive for more than 500 years. This is guaranteed by the special technology enabling data archiving on piqlFilm which is very similar to a high resolution QR code. The history of the building and the theatre, documents as well as photographs are stored on the film in a hybrid format. This actually means that they are available in digital as well as visual form which guarantees their legibility also in the future when the box is opened again.

“Long-term storage of digital data is a complex challenge and it is important to keep valuable data legible and accessible also in the future. I perceive piqlFilm as some sort of data airbag and the main idea here is to bear witness to our era for the future generations", emphasizes Ladislav Hodinka, CEO of Piql Slovakia.

Piql technology is a unique solution enabling long-term archiving of valuable data. Piql guarantees access to the stored data at any time in the future, regardless of our perception of time. To ensure that piqlFilm passes the test of time and works independently of the existing technologies, we applied an open-source solution. We have no idea what technologies will be available in the future. This is also why piqlFilm was designed to guarantee access to the recorded data regardless of the given circumstances. Everything you need to know about future access to your data is stored directly on the film in human-readable format. At the same time, all data can also be obtained manually, using a simple guide, a source of light and a camera.

What makes Piql truly stand out is the targeted development of a technology that allows for greater data storage security while significantly reducing the risk of data loss. It is not possible to overwrite or modify the data on the film which adds extra safety to our data storage solution. In terms of resilience, piqlFilm exceeds all available media on the market and is the only one to have successfully passed even the test of radioactive exposure.

For more information, visit www.piql.sk. If you are interested in archiving your data, you can also get in touch with us at +421 918 802 434.