Realize the value of your content

From archival management to perpetual storage and arctic vaults, Piql offers tailored services to meet your needs, realizing the value of your data and ensuring future access to your digital assets.


Ensuring the old lives on

High quality service delivery, expertise and sophisticated workflows are critically important when transitioning content from analogue to digital with an ambition of long-term storage.


The main driver of digitisation, having access to your content opens a world of possibilities.

Digital Asset Management

With all assets digitized, you may deploy simple digital asset management while ensuring your content remains organized and accessible.


Digitized content allows monetisation generating real value for your company.

We work with you to develop an achievable plan for your digital transformation ensuring your content is accessible, manageable, and sustainable. This includes integration with existing open source and third-party applications and Dublin Core metadata descriptions. 

We perform high-quality scanning to digitise paper, motion picture film, microfilm, tape, sound, images, x-rays and we can also handle large-scale documents such as maps. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is applied to make the content searchable once digitized.


Ensuring permanent access

With best practice data treatments and purpose built technology, we ensure your valuable content is digitally preserved to the highest standards and with extreme longevity guaranteed.

Modernise, transform and innovate with the right data preservation technology to power your business’s move to digital with guaranteed future access.


We offer a streamlined process with metadata extraction and file mapping and matching.


Using the power of Archivematica, world’s leading open-source digital preservation platform, we simplify and automate actions to provide enrichment to data, while preparing Archival Information Packages (AIPs).


We have a range of access options available, including instant online access, physical access via our piqlReader and requested access for offline stored data.


Keeping your information alive with the power of piqlFilm

Data is the most precious asset for your business. We can ensure your valuable information is archived for any desired length of time, with guaranteed accessibility in the future.

Futureproof medium

With longevity tested to survive for 1000+ years. Data retrieval is independent of access to specific technologies or vendors.

Unalterable WORM medium

Write Once, Read Many making it impossible to manipulate or delete your valuable data. Protect your critical business data with an integrated approach to disaster and backup recovery.

Ultra-secure and migration free

Repetitive migrations are no longer needed. Shield your data against threats while ensuring backups are accessible for recovery and compliance. Safeguard your critical data from cyberattacks, nuclear and electromagnetic threats.

Manage complexity

Whether you want your data online or offline, we make management of your information simple. Simply choose your files for upload and let us take care of the rest. You can send files to offline storage at any time and request retrieval with a single click. To ensure you can always find your information, we apply intelligent profiling to your data. This includes at least 12 levels of metadata along with other contextual information for both online and offline storage.