Keep your data futureproof and smart

Unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen. Unfortunately, traditional data protection methods cannot seem to keep up the pace with growing threats. With Piql, you GET YOUR ULTIMATE DATA AIRBAG and can rest assured that your digital assets are secure.

What makes Piql different is our purpose-built technology that enables greater data security and longevity of 1000+ years while significantly reducing the risk of data loss and overall costs.

Keep your data available, accessible, and secure at all times

Working closely with you, we tailor a solution perfectly aligned to your needs. Combining offline future-proof piqlFilm technology with our online piqlConnect platform, we deliver optimal data storage solutions.

Build a future for your data

When it comes to deciding on the best data storage and archiving solution, there are important factors to keep in mind. Our innovative service design can help you prepare your information, digital data, and your archive to survive for any length of time. With world recognised technology and initiatives such as the Arctic World Archive, Piql can help you transform the temporary to the eternal – with guaranteed access.

Stay ahead of emerging threats with our offline and ultimate restore. Plan backups and absolute disaster recovery. Increase compliance. Prevent ransomware.

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