a unique cloud-based solution for Data Protection + Archival + Preservation

piqlConnect provides online and offline data storage, value added functionality for your data as well as easy search, find and access, all through a simple and intuitive user interface.

The combination offers truly unique service: instant online access and secure, permanent long-term digital storage.


Different functionality
for different needs

This new online service complements our purpose-built offline secure storage technology, piqlFilm.
The combination offers a truly unique service: instant online access combined with a secure data protection, archival or long-term preservation of your data.

This platform is equipped with a comprehensive range of functions that enable you to effortlessly organize and enrich your data. Moreover, piqlConnect empowers you with complete authority and unrestricted access to your data, whether it’s stored online or offline.



Protect your most important and valuable data for tomorrow,
offline and off-grid.


Create your own archive,
add metadata for easy search, retrieve your data in the future.


Set up a solution for long-term preservation conformant with the OAIS reference model, migration free.


Introducing an intuitive solution that empowers both organizations and individuals to safeguard their precious data for today, tomorrow, and beyond. Our user-friendly service ensures seamless accessibility to your data whenever it is required.

Your files are stored as they are, with a possibility to add metadata. All data is stored offline on the secure, non-hackable and immutable storage medium, piqlFilm. Your piqlFilm is stored offline, off-grid in a secure vault on a secret location in mainland Norway.


Set up your own archive, create your own structure and add value to your data. Search and find data easily – now and in the future.

Your files are archived as they are – metadata can be added, use AI to generate metadata. Build your own taxonomy, use standard metadata schemas or make your own.

Choose to store your data online as well
• cold (delayed access) or
• hot (instant access).


The solution for long term preservation of data, conformant with, and goes beyond the OAIS (Open Archival Information System -ISO 14721).

Files are validated and normalised, i.e. converted to open-source preservation file formats (one of the reasons is to make your piqlFilm self-contained), metadata can be added. In addition to preserving the normalized files, you have the option to safeguard the original files on piqlFilm too.

If you chose to preserve original files, you get back the exact same files you stored.

*Coming soon