Reimagine data storage

We have used the latest nano technology to convert photosensitive 35mm film into a digital futureproof preservation medium. The result is an ultra-high resolution film where the data is written as very high-density QR codes. Frames can be combined with visual previews for an additional security level. Human readable instructions on how to recover the data are stored at the beginning and end of every reel.

The benefits of piqlFilm

Understanding your data, and how it is used can allow you to keep it safe. As cyber-security is atop everyone’s mind, Piql offers a storage solution that is not only secure but meets your compliance requirements. With us, your long-term archival and storage strategy for your digital assets can be more flexible and affordable.

How do we store data on piqlFilm

Binary code

Digital storage is about writing binary data, zeros and ones, on a physical storage medium.

High resolution QR codes

This binary code is converted to grey pixels recorded on a film in four levels of grey, with 8 million data points per frame. Each film has a capacity of 120 GB.

Open source

Piql’s technology is built on open-source principles to ensure information needed to access the data is never locked away or reliant on proprietary software. All information for future data recovery is stored on piqlFilm alongside the data in human-readable text.

Future-proof with longevity tested to survive for 1000+ years

Data retrieval is independent of access to specific technologies or vendors. Longevity and the read-back is verified by Norner Research AS and the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, US.

Overcoming the digital dilemma

In 2007, the movie industry raised concerns about losing their digital productions due to lack of long-term storage technologies. Piql, as experts in the field, knew that by converting analogue film into a digital storage medium, we could offer unique longevity and security properties across many industries. As an offline, immutable, and permanent medium, your data is safe from all online threats and kept in a secure vault.

How we write the data

How we retrieve your data

The strength of piqlFilm